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Writing Tips and Secrets from, “Writing Hero”@Jaidynn Noxiv

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Hello there!

I am new to this forum, so I figured this would be as good a place as any to make my first contribution. I have a not-so-secret technique that I utilize in my writing. You may well find it unusual - or even appalling - and that's okay. But despite its strange concept, it has served me well for many years.

I write my story out of order.

You might be asking how that is possible, or, more importantly, why I would do such a thing. Let me paint a picture for you. We've all been there: it's been several weeks since you last had time to pick up the pen and page, open up your laptop, dust off your archaic yet quaint typewriter, or whatever your outlet medium might be. Cracking your knuckles in anticipation, you settle into write, certain that you are on the cusp of the most productive session you've had to date. . . only to read the last words of your previous chapter and feel your heart sink in disappointment as your inspiration dwindles to be replaced with the empty void of blank uncertainty. Desperate to reclaim the earlier creative spark before it is irrevocably banished, you are faced with a limited set of options.


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