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Writing Progress Report

Good evening everyone. Today I bring you a blog post on writing updates and a way you can inspire yourself next.

As of now I am plotting out what needs to happen in both Act 2 and 3 as it pertains to character development and plot developments. However this is a process that will be drawn out for extensive detail and plausibility. Which I recommend implementing into your own writing.

Currently, Diane’s life is beginning to unravel and her relationship with Chloe is becoming unstable. Her father Hunter has reached the bottom of the barrel despite his new job and seeks help in unlikely places. While Chloe has a loss of self and affects Diane’s life in unpredictable ways.

Diane continues her downward spiral through Act 2 and most of Act 3 when she finally finds herself again. Which is a struggle for anyone in her position. Diane loses a lot near the end of Act 2 and 3 but it is her resilience that pushes her through it. It not only pushes her through it, it pushes her to commit herself to her writing and goals.

This book from the start was meant to affect the lives of those affected by the tragedy Diane experiences. Or simply is sympathetic towards her troubled life. This book was meant to shed light on the unseen struggle woman go through and the homeless. As well as other social, religious, and emotional inquiries.

I hope with this book I can help those who are going through similar struggles. Or even relate to the main character as I do because she was crafted from my pain. I hope her pain if it does not help at least helps you feel less alone. Or provide a means of support when no one else is providing it.

I anticipate the release to be as soon as this year. However, we will see what time brings. I am almost done with the outline process and have more work then originally expected. However with your and the writing communities support, we can complete this. I also plan to help you reach your goals by means of feedback, support, constructive criticism, and relevant novel discussion.

Look into the Inspiration blog post next if your writing has hit a brick wall like mine did. Or if you are just struggling to get started.

Till next time.

- Matt Gorrell (creator of


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