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Writing Progress Report

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

So far, I have reached chapter forty-nine of my novel after a long hiatus. Diane and the gang have just arrived in Chicago and Diane wakes in Johnny’s arms to Tessa’s dismay. This is because she had vivid nightmares on the way over.

When Diane wakes, she stands up to see Tessa leering at her in the corner. She backs up, twisting her ankle upon the screeching halt of the train. If it were not for the other family that stowed away in their cart, Diane might have no remedy for her wounds.

Fortunately, the mother of two was formally a doctor in Columbia and can patch up Diane with the help of Johnny, who sacrifices his shirt to create a makeshift bandage. Also, to Tessa’s dismay, despite Diane being almost ten years younger than Johnny.

After they patched Diane up and were ready to go, they get off the train only to be chased off by the police, who were inspecting it for stowaways. Luckily, they are unaware of the crimes they committed outside of their jurisdiction. They are on the run once more.

After they find a hideaway, they discuss their plans with the family. The family shares that they plan to go to the local homeless shelter at a church before it gets too late and crowded. Johnny thinks that is a great idea, seeing that he has not yet secured a job with Tessa. They join the family.

It is not until dawn they reach the homeless shelter and, by the skin of their teeth, make it in. The pastor allows this because Diane is only a minor. He calls out to the rest of the homeless that it is too full and closes the church doors promptly after.

They have dinner with the family and share their tales of Detroit, minus the illicit details. Tessa also brings to light that she is pregnant for the first time publicly. To which the mother offers all the advice she can on raising a child and even lets her put her kids to sleep for the practice...

Now that I finally have a free moment, I plan to write a lot more in my free time, so get used to posts like this. Of course, I will still share my advice along the way and will support all of you in your writing pursuits!

Till next time.

- Matt Gorrell



(Sorry for my heavy breathing. I was on a run and caught the train at the right time. Just pretend I’m Johnny, who is on the run before they catch the train, haha)

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