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Writing Day! (Writing Prep and Scrivener Special Features)

Hello everyone, as stated previously, I will be writing all day and will keep you updated on my progress.

Before I start writing I like to watch movie clips on Youtube as they pertain to the particular genre I am writing.

So if it is fantasy for you, watch a LOTR (Lord of the Rings) scene. If it is a romance, watch the famous scene from Casa Blanca or a scene from Waves.

If it is action, watch a scene from John Wick. If it is adventure, watch a scene from Indiana Jones.

You get my point. I typically watch scary scenes from my favorite horror films because of the adrenaline rush they give me. While this may not really be the case anymore, I would be lying if I said these scenes do not still give me goosebumps.

My only other piece of advice before I start writing is to personalize your Scriviner if you are using it to draft your novel. It is an amazing application once you take the time to really learn it. As you can see I gave mine a dark theme because my novel theme is pretty dark. I also made the font white and a particular font that works for the genre.

Keep in mind this will not be the final font of the novel. Scrivener is not an end all be all kind of app. It is instead a place where you can put all your ideas, build character bios, and build your story from the ground up.

As you can see I also have the side panel images, which are also fully customizable. Along with this you can customize the composition mode background which allows for a distraction free environment.

I do not use it because I am used to the base editor but if it works for you, go for it!

While I am not sponsored or affiliated in any other way than owning the program. I highly recommend it to first time authors.

So find your genre, find your inspiration, and get to writing. I will be here with you every step of the way!

Till later today…

Matt Gorrell (creator of


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