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Writer’s Block

Hello everyone, today I am here to discuss the writer's greatest weakness, writer's block. We have all been there and if you say you haven't been you’re lying, haha. But I am not here today to accuse, I am here to help you all over your walls and troubles as it pertains to inspiration.

Inspiration is fleeting so it is important when you feel inspired to do everything about it when it strikes. Whether that be a chapter, a page, or a drawing. Creativity is limited, so make use of it while you can.

If, however, you are lacking inspiration or creativity in general, think back to what got you writing in the first place. It could be a song, a memory, or a movie. Whatever it may be, go to that inspiration and ride it to the finish line.

Specifically, you could watch a movie or show that inspires you to write. Like Californication for me.

Or you could go back to one of your favorite songs or an album of songs if you got it. You must listen to this song or album in a place that inspires you, wherever that might be. Find that place and just brainstorm if nothing comes to you right away. It is also important to write in a similar environment.

Finally, go back to the memory that inspired you, or caused you to get in a writing mood. Whatever it may be, find that memory and hold onto it. If it was documented in a photo. Make it your wallpaper or Scriviner panel background. Or if you have the picture framed, place it next to your laptop or whatever you write on.

If none of these techniques work for you, just try writing. I know the first couple sentences are the hardest, but it is all worth it in the end. If you catch a groove, ride it till the end. If not, at the very least you wrote something. It is a tried and true technique that has worked for me when nothing else has.

Anyways, I hope this post has helped you and if you have something you are struggling with. Let me know, so I can write about it. Because we are all in this together…

Till next time.

- Matt Gorrell (


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