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World Building

Hello everyone, I’m back with a post that will hopefully not only fill you in on what I have been up to but also show you my process to influence your own. The world-building is no easy feat because you are essentially familiarizing yourself with the characters and worlds you conjured up. This does not make it impossible and this is evidenced by countless authors in the past. For example, Stephan King’s fictional town of Derry. Or Gillian Flynn's Wind Gap, Missouri.

The first step of this process is to find inspiration. I know I sound like a broken record at this point, but it’s true. It’s inspiration from my life, novels, television series, and movies that helped me come back to WFTI. Taking a break is also the reason I came back more passionate than ever with ideas to the ceiling. So I recommend the same if you are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Or if you are struggling with the rock that is writer’s block.

Once you have attained inspiration you must do something with it. That is why I am not sponsored, but an advocate for note-taking applications such as Evernote. You never know where inspiration may come from next. It could come from a story you heard. Something you see out in the streets or in your daily life. Or even something as simple as a conversation.

In the final step, once you have attained a sufficient count of resources for character and world-building and plot development, you can finally proceed. Once you do you will be tempted to go back because your jumbled ideas may not seem like much now. However, in time you will see how this is the instrument that helps you complete your novel. Because I won’t lie, after everything I went through I was tempted to give up writing forever. But I didn’t.

My reason why is that now I have seen firsthand the causes my novel advocates for. No change will happen if you do not first promote that change. Therefore something that may seem small and insignificant like the story you have a passion to tell comes to life. Because you see what you are fighting for. You see the people behind the story, not the other way around.

While I cannot say I am one-hundred percent better. I am turning something negative into something positive with my writing. Which as discussed previously, influenced my prior blog posts and writing ultimately. That is why I am so set on promoting change for the issues discussed in my novel. Or at least shed light on groups who would not otherwise have that voice.

I believe this is how every writer should feel about their novel. They should see it as more than a story. If a writer loses sight of this or does it for fame. They will never make it. It’s the harsh reality but novels are so personal if you do not have a message bigger than yourself or the reader, they will see no reason to read it.

I hope this post has not discouraged you but instead sparked a fire in you to finally complete that novel. Once you do so you will see fulfillment in more than your writing. You will feel good about helping a worthy cause. Because as humans we all seek to help each other deep down inside. I mean we are all social beings, so why not use your writing for good? To be a voice for the voiceless and make a lasting impact on your community.

Till next time.

- Matt Gorrell (


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