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Sorry for no post last night. I was exhausted after making my final project. Anyways if I don't post tonight it is for the same reason.

However, if you have anything in mind for my next post I will try my best to make it! If not, I will see you all on Tuesday with a new post or story!

I will leave you with this. I plan to post daily updates when I get into my wititng schedule and will commit myself to posting more and finishing my first draft by the end of break!

Because at the end of the day remember it is your first draft and does not have to be perfect. I also do not want to get trapped in a prison of perfectionism this time.

I look forward to helped you guys over break and finishing my first draft with your help!

(P.S. If you plan to write over break let me know so we can help each other!)

Till Next Time.

- Matt Gorrell (Creator of


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