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To Dream...

Hello everyone, today I'll be discussing inspiration once more. This time specifically looking at inspiration from lucid dreams or even nightmares. I am inspired by my night tales or terror time in and time again. Reason being is that nothing is scarier than what your own imagination can conjure up.

Do you want to know why movies such as Blair Witch are so scary? It's because it leaves the viewer with an experience that plays with their subconscious, like a cat with a ball of yarn. Arguably, films such as this are not as scary as movies today. However, that would tell of a decline in people’s imagination and their over-reliance on cheap jump scares where you see every detail of the antagonist.

While I am not saying modern horror, movies are to blame for this. Because there are a handful of movies that follow this formula, such as Sinister, that are actually quite good.

I digress, but the point is you never know what might lie haunting the nooks and crannies of your mind. So if you aren't getting the dreams necessary for inspiration, try various methods.

Some of which include, watching a movie that is terrifying to you before bed, (warning- do not do this if you know it will affect you badly mentally) Try lucid dreaming with various videos I will link below. Try falling asleep to your writing playlist or search the many ambiances available on YouTube. Some of which I will also link below.

Personally, lucid dreaming has never worked for me intentionally, despite countless attempts during the lockdown. But who knows, you could be one of the special ones it works for. :)

As for sleeping ambiances, I used to listen to these as often as every night. I still do to some extent when my box fan is not working for me.

While I do not recommend it, sometimes Melatonin has left me with very lucid dreams. Some of which were so realistic, I forgot I was dreaming momentarily.

I hope at least one of these helps you have dreams that inspire your next novel, or at the very least leave you with something to journal about. I know I have had dreams that are not relevant to any story of mine but were prophetic about something I was worried about in the back of my mind before I went to bed. In some ways, that's even scarier. Especially when it is a negative premonition or bad omen...


How to lucid dream:



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