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The Manor Part 1

It is a cold windy night and a pizza boy behind was approaching an old victorian house. He usually never go into these neighborhoods but he go where the pizza goes…

He has been working at Pizza Painter for about four years. It was a dead end job he hated and every time he saw that artist painting onto his canvas with cheese dripping onto his shoes it made him sick.

Anyways, the cold wind pierced him to his soul as he walked down the sidewalk to the house. He clutched his work jacket but let go as soon as he looked down at the Pizza Painter.

He now stood before an enormous Victorian manor. Fitted with an iron gate painted black and all. The gate was reminiscent of Hell’s gates with the deep shadows it produced. That were pitch forked and evil looking.

He presses on buzzer by the gate.

“ Hey it’s Steven. I got your pizza. ”

No response comes instead the gates open wide slowly but surely. It shrilled as it slowly opened.

He clutches his jacket again never minding the Pizza Painter with the brisk winds. It takes a minute or two before he reaches the front door of the manor.

Instead of having a door bell it has a large black knocker with a goat atop it.

He reaches out a trembling hand and knocks it.

It slowly opens after he knocks six times and the breeze pushes the ajar door in all the way. Before he steps in he notices a red candle aside him.

Paying it no mind he steps in.

The foyer is enormous and intimidating. He makes his way into it and calls out the owners name. “ MR. ABEL?!… ”


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