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The Graveyard Shift Part 2

Once I arrived at work shaken up after my experience at the railroad crosssing, I anxiously reached out for the rearview mirror one last time just to be sure.

I jerk it my way and see nothing is in the back. I swipe at my persperated brow and undo my seatbelt. I bend over to grab the bottle of beer I hid at my feet.


The voice chills my heart and I slowly rise up with the beer bottle in my hand. I look into the rear view mirror to see something that made my icy heart stop.

It was my mother. Expect now sitting in the back in a decomposed state, with flesh rotting and eyes blacker than the night.

Her mouth widens into a menacing grin displaying her blackened teeth. I am tempted to say something to her but swallow my words.


I hear from behind me.

”Jason is that you?”


I quickly hide the beer bottle in the glove compartment. I look into the rear view mirror expecting to see what remained of my mother. However, I only see a light approaching in the distance.

Whoever was approaching scared me to death, but nowhere near as much as the ghost of my mother did. It was as if death took a seat in the back of my car. It’s presence lingered and took to my ashen face.

I turn to see the light now glaring streaks of light just a couple of feet behind me car. Whoever this was, he knew my name…

I jolt up when The stranger taps on my window shining the flashlight in. I turn to him and he looks as scared as I was at the sight of whatever malicious apparition was in the back of my car.

He taps on the glass again, like I was a helpless fish at the mercy of a coldhearted child.

I roll my window down. His flashlight blinds me once the window has fully retracted.

“Jesus, could you point that thing away from me.”


He lowers the flashlight.

“You’re late again? Marcus is gonna kill ya.”

I calmly reply, “couldn’t be helped. Got stuck at the railroad crossing.”

“Again? You know I can only vouch for you so much.”

“Yeah, well, I’m here okay?”

“Are you drunk again?”

“No, what makes you say that?”

“I can smell it on you. You better hope the boss doesn’t find out.”

“Please, I’ve never been more sober. Besides it was only a couple beers.”

“A couple beers? Jesus man, well just get out and come with me. The whole, dying Mom card only...”

“Shut the fuck up.”

“Look, I’m sorry man but the boss is already mad at you and me. Now both our jobs are hanging by a thread.”

“I told you everything will be fine.”

Jason grabs his tool belt off the passenger seat and sets out of the car.

He slams the door behind him like he was sending a subliminal message to Eddie.

“It’s a good thing you can pull off sober when you drink like a fish.”

“I told you. I’m sober.”

They start towards the building.

“Yeah, well I hope you can pull something out of your ass for both ours sake.”

Jason shakes his head in disapproval.

They continue on towards the hardware store.

The night seemingly grows darker as storm clouds move in. Flashes of lighting can be seen from above like some sort of bad omen.

The clouds roar out as they cover the starless sky…


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