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The Final Part of the Manor

…I never thought I would see him at the door. Why did it have to be him? Why couldn’t it have been my parents, my family, my only love. But no, it had to be the devil himself.

He now has shown me his razor sharp teeth threatening to pierce into my heart… or my neck for that matter if my grandma’s corny movies are right.

Now I’m living inside of one? Maybe I’m being watched from some monochrome monitor somewhere by him or his legion of demons.

Maybe I’ll be fine… but I knew deep down that was only a lie I told myself to make me feel better.

“ My friend, were you going to keep me waiting all night? Your liver is getting cold. ”

“ I, I, gotta go. Thanks for the liver and everything. ”

I sprint towards the front door and just as I open it, with superhuman speed he slams the door in front of me. Of what I saw the driveway and streets were flooded with rain that looked more like blood.

“ You musn't leave now. The roads and driveway are flooded so you can't leave. Stay the night with me and I will make you breakfast and pay you in the morning. I have a spare room upstairs... ” I knew I was signing my life away but the comfort of a bed was all too tempting. So I went out on a limb and said.

“ Okay... ”

“ Excellent, I will lead you to your room now. ”

He digs his claws into my shoulder once more as he leads me to the staircase.

“ Oh my gods, you will love it! I just had it cleaned by one of my servents after my wife died. ”

Great, I'm staying in a dead girl’s room.

I assure you will find it more than accommodating.

Get the fuck out of my head!

What are you talking about? I'm you. Who else would I be?

“ Stop lying to me! ”

We stop dead in our tracks.

Oh shit, I said that out loud...

“ Please my friend I would never lie to you. I just had the sheets changed so you will rest easy tonight. Like that poem. Before I lay my head to rest. I pray the Lord my soul to keep... ”

“ Now I am far from a religious man but something about that poem speaks to me. ”

A vampire inspired by religion... How Ironic.

“ Correct me if I am mistaken but did you say gods earlier. As in plural?”

“ But of course. Any reasonable man knows there is more than one God. The Greeks believed it as do I. I fancy myself a god from time to time. Like tonight. Like the gracious God I am. I am giving you shelter and food. ”

I'd hate to see the wrath of God

Smart boy.

We enter into a bedroom that has a mural of heaven on the ceiling and a golden bed frame that stretches into the skies. Coming so close to touch Christ but yet so far...

“ Here we are my boy. ”

He walks me over to the bed and pulls back the covers.

“ Rest easy tonight and I will have your money and car prepared for you in the morning. Despite me being a nocturnal animal I wake up very early. But, I must warn you it has it's side effects so promise me you won't open any curtains in the morning. I am very sensitive to light in the morning. ”

“ I promise I won't. ”

“ Good, then you won't have to see the wrath of God. ”

He pulls up his blanket and covers the bottom half of his face. Pulling off the classic vampire look effortlessly. I was surprised to find he did not memorize me like in the old vampire movies.

“ I kid... But I will be downstairs if you need anything. ”

He leaves my room and I think to myself while my thoughts are safe.

Trust me, I won't be needing anything from you but to get the Hell out of here.

I get under the bed sheets and try to fall asleep. I toss and turn all night and it is not until three in the morning I actually fall asleep. The devil’s hour...

As my eye lids slowly shut I hear a familiar chime. The grandfather clock in the living room I had not previously noticed until it chimed before that chimes once more.

It makes me dream of a death toll that would ring through the streets of old towns. As the witch doctor would cart out tens of thousands of rotting dead carcases with flies engrossing them.

As I dream, Count Alucard makes his way up the stairs. Almost hovering above them. His tall shadow sticks to him as he climbs the steps. Once he is at my door he is in his true form with souless eyes and fangs for teeth.

He turns the knob with his elongated fingernails but lets it slowly fall back into place. He morphs into his liquid form and crawls under the door crack.

Once inside my room he morphs back into his true form and slowly approaches the bed. He raises a claw and if it were not for my nightmare, I would have never woken up.

I wake in a shrill to see the nightmare has only begun and almost leap up of my bed, sprinting over to the window. I cower in the corner as he hovers over to me with his claw extended.

That is until... I remember what he told me. I rip off the curtains as hard as I can until they tear from their lines and reveal the morning sun.

He shrills like a banshe and covers his face with his claws. His skin starts to boil and burn him to his muscle. Then to the bone. Until he is no more than a pile of ash...


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