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The Brothers and Sisters of the Fraternal Omen Part 2

… This mental inclination proves to only be a construct as my entire body is jerked back and forth. We must be there wherever there is.

This subtle movement possesses no lulling attributes as my captors deliberately stomp their way over to the trunk, as if to make the experience even more unnerving. In fact, my heart beat faster with each crunch of the dirt beneath their shoes.

Sweat drains from my face and feet. Breathing becomes nearly impossible in my pillowcase, head covering now wetted with my saliva, as I gag on its linen interior. Who’s to say what is to become of me now?

All I know is that I am here, trapped with no escape from the most devious frat of them all. Hazing and alcohol poisoning? Please, that was no comparison to what these Satin freaks had in store for me. They derailed my train of thought into a pit of Hell when they flipped open the trunk.

I expect to be blinded instead of my eyes quickly adjusting, but wherever here is, it’s close to pitch black.

“ Get out! ”

Says one of my captors. Though I cannot see his face as he lifts me up out of the trunk with his gang. I recognized the voice from the dorm room. Though I cannot place a name on it yet, I’m almost sure he will reveal himself in time.

They struggle to lift me up, despite me being a string bean with a bag over my head already. Funny, you would think the sons and daughters would be in better shape.

This is no laughing matter. I certainly was not, as they dragged me across the dirt and rocks below me into what sounded like a forest. I hear an owl call out in the night, followed by perpetual crickets chirping.

Wherever I was, it certainly was a million miles away from campus. Now I'll never know what it would have been like to kiss Natalie. Or go to a party. Hell, it was my junior year, and I only had one friend to my name. So much for a college experience...

The sounds of the lush forest only grow more ominous the further we travel into it. It's so dark out, we can hardly see our own feet. Or at least I can't. From what I could see before they kidnapped me, their robes hung as low as their feet.

“ Oww... What the hell? ”

They continue to drag me, stepping over the log they ran me into, drawing blood on my knee, soaking through my jeans.

This process also seems to take forever, but when we neared on our destination, I hear the cracking of a fire in the distance, and I know for a fact they didn't drag me out here to roast marshmallows.

They throw me onto the leaf encrusted ground and dirt covers my knee, providing a temporary remedy.

They rip the bag off my head and nothing could prepare me for what I saw. It was so gruesome and visceral; I wished they put the bag back on.

My eyes adjust to the dim light encompassing me to see what looks like bodies hanging over the fire. My eyes adjust some more and I can finally identify the bodies.

They are the bodies of my college crush and my best friend. Now rotting atop an open fire.

I can't but vomit at the sight to which they jeer menacing laughs.

I must admit, I did not expect to see my best friend roasting on the fire. Natalie was a given, but John? Now there's a sight I never wanted to see.

As I raised my head up, even worse than the sight was the smell. Rotting flesh that was peeling away threatened to destroy my nose as well.

A black pillar of smoke rose above the fire, high above the treeline. Before I knew it, tears were flooding out of my eyes and I couldn't stand to look at them again. I could barely see through my tear-stained windows.

I can't help but reminisce about all the times I was in my bedroom. Watching Natalie come home from school, listening to music through my corded headphones. The hair flip she did as she put her backpack back on drove me nuts.

Every time she would, I'd place my palm on the window. Fearing, but also hoping she might look up to see her boy next door. She never did.

Leaving me to retract my palm from the window, leaving a hazy stain that was soon washed away by the rain. As was every memory of her, and my best friend since grade school.

His laugh. Her smile. It tore me to pieces as I kneel before a legion of demons.

“ Haha, I always knew you were weak. ”

I slowly raise my dusty head to see a blurry man approaching me with his servants.

He slowly lowers his hold, almost in synchronicity with the men beside him.

As expected, it was none other than the leader of Zeta Psi, aka the Brothers and Sisters of the Fraternal Omen.

I knew it was probably him from the start. I recognized his voice and knew he was too arrogant not to incriminate himself.

" Ohhh, is little Benji crying over his only friend and a girl he never even dated. "

"Shut upppp!"

I shrill out and blood trickles down my lip.

Behind him, the rest of the members slowly lower their hoods too, exposing themselves in these woods in the middle of nowhere. To the right, stand the brothers who are your typical frat douchebags, but to the right, stand Natalie's friends. No longer dressed up in fairy costumes, but robes as black as sin.

They slowly encroach on the leader. I look at the girls and shrill out.

" What friends you are! "

I spit in their direction and an African American girl places a hand on her hip.

"Please, Natalie? She was only holding us back. Just like that slut the boys dealt with before we sent her floating down the river."

Two of the guys bump their fists together and chuckle, laughing like they were dumb. She let her hand fall to her side.

" Besides, she was a bitch and I've never tasted a bitch's blood before. "

She crosses her arms, as do her minions beside her. I look back at the leader as the tears continue to pour out.

" But-wh-heigh-heigh-y? "

Get gets down on a knee in front of me, covering the fire and casting a deep shadow over me.

"It's simple... we love Satan. Ever since we've done these rituals, the boys have been winning back-to-back state championships. Every party has been a rager without interruption. The girls are more fertile than ever and we all are healthier than we have ever been."

" Go to hell! "

I shrill with a multitude of spit. Some landed on his face.

He slowly raises a hand and wipes his chin. He leans over and slaps me so hard it leaves a red mark on my cheek.

"You're already there. "

He rose to his feet.

" That'll teach you.... so will this. "

The men aside him walk over and raise me to my feet while he walks away.

" No, No, Nooo!... "


Like for Part 3!


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