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Sorry I Have Been so Distant…

Hello everyone, I would like to start this blog post for apologizing for not posting consistently. Life is getting crazy with spending time with loved ones, enjoying the last of break, and preparing for my new job and new school semester.

I promise once the semester starts I will post more consistently. Things are just crazy right now.

However, I hope you enjoyed my latest helpful post and were able to apply it to your struggles with writers block.

I will do more of them if you guys want me to because one writer to another (leans over to whisper) we are in this together. Haha, that is why I want to get back to daily posts.

Anyways, I hope this break has been one to remember and was fruitful with the help of my blog posts or through your own efforts. I know it has been for me, despite most likely not being able to reach my goals, or post as I want to. I made memories I will never forget. :)

Till next time.

- Matt Gorrell (creator of


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