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Scary Movies (Last Post Until Part 3 of the Publishing Series!)

Hello everyone, so today's blog post will be atypical to prepare for part three of the publishing series! To build suspense and a following, I held back on its release. So please, tell anyone you know that wants to self-publish now, or later, that it will be live tomorrow night! I want to make it a good one for you guys, hence the wait.

Anyway, today I will discuss scary movies. I have been a fan of scary movies ever since I was a child. The only difference is that now I raise the volume all the way up. Whereas when I was a kid, I would turn it all the way down. They used to scare me to the point I would have reoccurring nightmares, but the visuals enthralled me to the point I wanted to watch them on mute.

My first leap of faith into the realm of scary movies was none other than James Wan’s Insidious. I was so interested in the red-faced demon; I faced my fears. From then on I have never regretted that decision because it makes me who I am today. Therefore, if you haven't already, step outside your comfort zone and try something new!

Since then I got back into them after seeing Pet Semetary in the theaters with my dad. This experience alone made me want to see the magic behind great movies such as this. (despite the reviews) That in fact encouraged me to go to Colorado Film School. I wanted to make some of the magic that almost made my dad jump ten feet into the air, haha.

From there, I discovered I was better suited for writing. Specifically, horror writing. Ever since I was a kid, I would plan a year in advance on my Halloween costume, so it should come as no surprise that I love being scared. To an extent. Events such as the one that sparked Wounds for the Innocent, I hope I never experience again. While it matured me and produced my best work after a tireless all-nighter of writing. I hope no one has to go through what I went through.

But such is life, bad things happen and we record them to pass down to generations after us. That is why I hope to inspire you to become the best version of yourself and take that leap of faith. With every blog post. With every comment, but most of all. With every book that I release.

Times are tough, therefore we need powerful literature and movies to inspire us to keep going, and I believe horror movies do just that.

If you are in fact like me or want to test your fear limits. Here the list of horror movies I will watch every night until my favorite holiday!





Insidious 2 or Pyewacket


Insidious 3




Conjuring 2


Blair Witch




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