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Got Writer’s Block? Read this.

Hello everyone, I know I’ve said it a million times before but I apologize for the distance. Times have been hard and I’ve struggled to find time for writing. However, I have had 3 very productive brainstorming and plotting sessions and it is all thanks to my process. I am conducting the process as we speak and will continue to after updating you all and sharing this life-changing process. That’s right, I said life-changing, and you will see why shortly.

That being said let’s get into it. I discovered this process when I needed it the most so I could get back to turning something negative into a positive with my writing. Because simply seeing the big picture or varying perspectives can not only help you understand your own story but your life. Now you may think I am overreaching in this statement alone. However, you will see why this changed my writing process forever.

I’ll stop beating around the bush and tell you I promise. I will say this though. If you have struggled with writer's block or life got in the way, I get it. I was there too for the longest time till I started using this process. I attribute finding the proper ending to my novel to this method. Now, I will finally tell you.

The first phase or stage of this process is creating a Pinterest account, as discussed in prior blog posts. You will see why this is so important if you check out that post or implement this process into your writing. Once you have an account search whatever genre or words come into mind followed by the word, “aesthetic.” Now you may think I am still crazy but why not give it a try yourself. But if this is not for you, read on.

My other, and quite frankly more effective almost sure-proof method, is using music, your imagination, and whatever you have at your disposal to find inspiration. I use music, Evernote, my imagination, a dark/isolated space, and plenty of water to keep my mind sharp. But this can be anything for you. It can be a book on tape, a book, a tv show, or even a movie. I’ll show you in my next post how I wrote these.

So that’s my two cents, find what inspires you and use that to build your worlds and characters. Not the other way around. Keep in mind these are only tools that are as effective as the individual who uses them. So what works for you and me, may not work for you. That is why I say, find what inspires you and use it. You’ll never know what worlds and sonic realms it will take you. Or what characters it will introduce you to that might even influence your own. - Matt Gorrell (creator of


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