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Preparing for Your First Writing Session!

Hello everyone! Seeing that school is coming to a close for break and I plan to finish my first draft then I wanted to help you and myself prepare for the grind!

To kick things off you need to prepare yourself mentally. You can’t go in thinking you will finish your novel in a week so give yourself time. I plan to finish my first draft by the end of break but even that goal is ambitious in it of itself.

So start small and start chunking at your novel bit by bit. I promise it is all in good time… :)

To do this have a set daily word count you strive to meet daily. If this is not feasible, don’t worry, you can get at it the next day.

It is also important to find your personal writing style so you are prepared. I personally ride by the seat of my pants which is called pantsing. A technique used by writers such as Dean Knootz.

The other method is a bit more ambitious and what I am doing is a hybrid of both. Basically I am creating an extensive outline by the seat of my pants lol. I know it sounds crazy and it is a first for me but it has worked thus far.

After you find your writing style discover what time of the day works best for you. Are you a morning writer? Or a afternoon and night writer. I am naturally a night writer but I will adapt and get up really early over break so I can meet my goals. I recommend you do the same.

Finally set up your playlist and have a location prepared. Wheter that be in your room, a coffee shop so you can people watch, or in the woods somewhere (short story pun ;) … find that spot.

After you do cut yourself off from the world. Lock your door. Shut off your cell phone and consider using tools such as Scriviner which is known for it’s distraction free environment.

I know that is not a lot but it is a good start to get you up and running! I will make a part 2 if you would like. Just comment or dm me. Looking forward to a great writing season with you all!

Till next time….

- Matt Gorrell (creator of


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