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Novel Updates for Wounds for the Innocent

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

Hello everyone, it's me again. Today I will discuss my progress in the novel. So far in the story, Diane has faced her inciting incident and the first plot point that has affected her life in ways she could not imagine. As it stands, I am on chapter forty-eight, so yeah, it's going to be a long one, haha.

Anyway, Diane and her new family she has become emancipated into are on their way to Chicago on the Hell Train. Or at least, that's how Diane envisions it to be, as she has terrifying visions of her past and present. She confronts her inner and external demons that have left wounds on her as a child throughout this journey and throughout her human experience.

Upon their arrival in Chicago in chapter forty-nine, Diane will continue to struggle with her demons. She also suffers Johnny's reckless habits that remain entrenched within his persona.

That is all I am at liberty to share with you for now, but I am happy to hear suggestions and feedback on my story outline. I know that there is not much to work with as of now. However, I plan to share more detailed blogs later on and I encourage you to do the same with your novels. That way, you can receive the support and feedback you deserve.

P.S. - If you do plan on becoming a member and sharing your novel progress, I will reward you with a badge that progresses with the more information you share within the community!


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