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Night Runs

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

Hello everyone, if you’re still short on inspiration, this is the post for you. For me personally, I find myself with spades of inspiration after I go for a run. Whether that be at night or day, the ideas I get are all the same.

For example, I begrudgingly strapped on my shoes and headlamp and went for my first run in a long while. On this run, I got not only an adrenaline rush from feeling as though I was being watched, but saw inspiration all around me.

From moving shadows to late-night trains rolling on by in time for me to catch it on camera. On this run, in particular, I gained so much inspiration I am prepared to share an excerpt of insight I gained from the run.

"I run alone in the cold, dark night. Not a soul is in sight, and yet I fear for my own. Formless shadows converge all around me. I look over my shoulder to see some following me.

They close in, so I only run faster. My heart beats out of my chest and threatens to burst. My legs wobble and tremble, as does my entire body in the chilly fall air.

I hope I do not fall, but keep running... and running… for my life. So I can be free. So I can save my soul... so I can save me.”



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