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My Mourning Routine

Hello everyone, now that I shared one of our members routine I will share my own. While it is nowhere where I want it to be, I hope to one day have it look like the latter.

  • Wake up

  • Turn up the brightness on my phone to wake me up while I scroll through social media

  • Make a mobile announcement

  • Scroll through social media

  • Create a morning hype music song arrangement

  • Take a shower

  • Get dressed

  • Text people

  • Get my things together

  • Head out to classes

What I want my routine to look like.

  • Wake up

  • Do some form of exercise to wake me up like pushups

  • Make a mobile announcement and possibly even blog post

  • Make morning hype arrangement

  • Go for a run

  • Take a shower

  • Get dressed

  • Have set word count I meet before I leave

  • Spend less time on social media

  • Text everyone


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