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Make Up Blog Post (Writing as a Form of Therapy)

Sorry everyone, it’s been a rough past two days so I haven’t found the time to write. Anyway, here is a blog post to make up for it.

What I discovered through those two days is that writing can act as a form of therapy. Of course this is not the case for everyone but it is for me and I wouldn’t be surprised if other writers in this community feel the same way.

That being said, what I mean by writing as a form of therapy is just that. Sitting down and writing down your emotions. No matter how hard it is. Because believe me. It is not easy. Once you do it you will feel so much better in the end if you choose to give this a try. I know I did.

Another ceremonial twist to this method of self-help, is to burn or trash all your negative emotions that you have written. On the other hand, if you believe your story or poem or whatever it may be will help you. By all means keep it. I keep all my writing not only because it is digital, it helps me understand life and quite frankly myself more. So I will always go to writing now when I am going though a tough time or just need to get thoughts out of my head onto the paper.

I hope you writers can do the same in time. Because I won’t lie, this method is not a quick fix. It is instead something you have to commit yourself to if you want it to be effective. However, if you give it a chance and writing means as much to you as it does me. Who knows, it may be the best therapist you’ve ever had.

Sorry it is such a short post. However, I promise I will post more tomorrow and work towards getting past this rough patch in life. I'm sorry I haven't been able to post because of it. But I will also work towards being more constant with my postings. Till next time…

- Matt Gorrell (creator of


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