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Living it Up Part 2

I know I promised I'd post part 2 tonight but I really want to build up the anticipation and I was having the time of my life tonight living it up...

That being said, I encourage you to do the same. Take risks, smart, calculated risks as opposed to arrogant ones. Nevertheless, take risks.

Life is too short not to, so why not chase your dreams? Short term and long term. I have by now accomplished many of my short term so let that be an example that you can do the same.

Because you can. You really can do anything you set your mind to. In the course of a year my life went from a living Hell to a living Heaven so if I can do it, so can you.

What changed for me is that after the passing of my Grandpa who I was really close with. I realized life is all too short and can end at any moment with the blink of an eye.

Since then I've been living every day like it was my last, doing whatever I want, whenever I want.

Now I am not saying drop everything and pursue your dreams. What I am saying is that your dreams are very possible and are within arms reach...

Till Next Time.

- Matt Gorrell


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