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Live a Little…

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

Hello everyone…. If no one’s told you before, live a little! You can’t expect to write a novel if you have nothing to write about of substance. Therefore, it is essential you get outside, and live a little, “because we only regret the change we don’t take. “

“Morris, Matt. “Top 23 Quotes about Living Life to the Fullest.” Matt Morris, 4 Jan. 2017,”

I assure you will have time for writing despite that. I know I have. I also assure you your writing will benefit from all the juicy details you can add to your own life.

Now I’m not saying go out and write a biography. What I am saying is that writing is in it itself a slice of life. So if you don’t have your own pie to take a slice from. Well, go out there and get some Apple Pie for yourself! Haha.

Because as rapper superstar Travis Scott says in his hit song, “Apple Pie “off Rodeo, “I need my own pepper pepper, please, pepper, pepper seeds

Need my own reme-remedy, my own legacy.”

“Scott, Travis. “Travis Scott – Apple Pie.” Google, Google,”

So go out there and form your own legacy! Whether that be by asking that girl out, you have always desired to but never had the courage to. I assure you it is worth fighting those butterflies in your stomach :)

Going out on the town with your best friends. Doing something you never dreamt about doing. (As long as it’s legal, haha. I’m a Business Law student so I can assure you I am having good clean fun.)

Whatever it may be, I hope this post inspired you to take a leap of faith and follow your dreams. Short-term and long-term… Life’s too short to live with regret. So live like my Grandpa did and fulfill all your hopes and dreams with the people you love.

Till next time.

- Matt Gorrell



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