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@jaidynnoxiv’s POV on POV

Shoutout to @jaidynnoxiv for his contribution to the multiple POV’s post.

Personally I do find it very difficult to write well in first person, and I absolutely agree that it is critical to try to really understand your characters in either perspective. One thing that really helps is to give your characters a distinctive voice, and even to partially adjust your writing style pertaining to the character: for instance, if the current POV is of a tech-savvy bent, I lace my chapters with technical observations and descriptions, while other characters may focus more on natural beauty or even on themselves. What you notice says a lot about your personality, and it can be used to good effect if you're careful!

Head-hopping is the literal worst thing to encounter as a reader, so I'm glad you mentioned the importance of avoiding it!!! Third-person omniscient is similarly bad unless done well... but it's rarely done well and is usually better off discarded.

- Jaidyn Noxiv


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