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INFJ’s Alert

Just kidding, I hope all you INFJs are doijg well. As all who are not them or don’t know what you are. I plead you take a break from this post until you take the 16 personalities test. Trust me, it’s probably the most legit test out there.

If you do know what you are and you are an INFJ. Or intuition, feeling, and judging personality you probably relate to characters such as Walter Mitty.

If this is true feelin from trying new things like longboarding to get to a secluded diner. Tends to be true.

There are many downsides to being an INFJ. Such as the intensity of emotions we feel. However I promise it is worth it and g

Hope it all works out.

Please let me know if this helps and I will get to you ASAP.


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