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In the Woods Somewhere…

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

In the woods somewhere runs a girl all alone. With no one to call her own, other than a teddy hanging by a thread. The woods engrossing her, fill her with a deep, perpetual dread.

The winds howl all around her, and she hears the shrilling of ravenous dogs. However, it is only her mind deceiving her, as do her weary legs and trembling arms. Threatening to give out before she can run from the wood‘s devilish charm.

Her hair is as thin as the twigs that she pushes against. Leaving scars on her frost-bitten blue cheeks. Scars to prolong.

She senses a presence watching her, but she is the only one for miles. While her father never approved, she never would have known she would undergo such trials.

The presence grows closer, as does the thumping of her heart. Reverberating throughout her breast, causing veins to pop out on her neck.

Protruding and red, to be pierced by razor-sharp teeth. It would be a jagged cut before the beast would have her head. It is these very woods that filled her with a deep, perpetual dread.

Blood threatens to spill all over her coat, as black as the night. All that remains is her deep, perpetual fright.

Just ahead of her, as she pushes past one branch, a raven appears atop another.

The girl halts in her tracks, leaving dust and dirt atop her dirty hand-me-down sneakers. Her eyes gape at the sight as she covers her mouth with a trembling hand.

The crow cocks its head just like a loaded gun. Like the one that would remain by her mother’s bedside, just waiting to have some fun.

That day finally came, but not in the way she would expect. She killed herself with a bag, helium, and a tube. It left her an utter wreck.

A silent death, she feared she may now face. As she came to face to face with her own, no bigger than her mother’s small ash case. All those traumatic memories are about to be erased.

Instead, the unexpected visitor, who she suspects was watching her all along. Merely lets out a hellish song.

Its piercing cry forces her to cover her ears. However, it is over before it starts, as the demon returns to whatever hell it came from.

She eventually gains the strength to lower her trembling arms and open her eyes. All that lays before her is a thin branch blocking her from her freedom.

Without missing a beat, she smacks it out of the way, but it comes back with a force that draws blood. That soon after trickles down her face.

Attracting nearby creatures of the night. Or something she prayed would never come into sight.

She is momentarily lost in a flood of tears and memories. Yet continues on, without a fear in her heart. It is as if someone built up a fire inside of her, or merely a spark.

It is now her mind betrays her once again. Close behind her and encroaching, she hears what does not sound like a friend.

It is as if the crow went back for backup. Because what was once shrilling in the distance now slowly encroaches on her...

She whips her head back so fast it is as if she gave herself whiplash. With a head fixed facing backward. With a crooked spine and neck…

Forever forced to face the presence she feels watching her from behind some bush...

With eyes that peered through the pitch-black night and mist. There must have been something that she missed...

Her eyes were as wide as the full moon, with a face as pale as a corpse. Which she feared she might become if she does not face her manifested remorse.


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