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How to Write Prose that Leaves a Mark

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

Hello everyone, sorry for the late post, I’ve been busy with Midterms and college tings. (yes I intentionally misspelled that because I am a Drake fan, haha) anyway, today I will teach you how to write prose that will leave your reader wanting more.

Personally, I have one step ahead of the game because I have a history of music and music-making. Which means flow and cadence come easy to me. If you have a history in music, or even a year in band, and can keep a tempo, you’re well ahead of the rest.

For those that do not have music experience but have been thinking of getting into it. I strongly encourage that you do. You cannot imagine the spades of good it will do for your writing career.

However, if you are like me and no longer want a thing to do with music other than listening to it as you write. (I also strongly suggest you check out my post Write and Rhythm for soundtrack help in which I promoted a writer to, “Writing Hero” has contributed his thoughts on writing and listening to soundtracks) Then I recommend you at least learn how to syllable count and consider implementing it into your own writing.

This can be as simple as watching a YouTube video on the subject, which I will provide links for below. I strongly recommend you check out the one on how they made the Social Network screenplay. It has done so much for me in terms of screenwriting and novel writing. As well as practicing what you learn by taking action and putting it into your own work. Because what is a plan without first taking action?

If that seems like too much work, my best piece of advice is that you are trying too hard. When I am drafting my novel, I don’t even think about making it pretty. It is in this rough beginning stage I find my best prose. If not, I will find it later. Prose should be an afterthought, not something you stress over in your first draft.

Links to videos that have helped me in my writing process will be below.

Till next time.

- Matt Gorrell



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