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How to Prepare for your Writing Session and my Writer's Boot Camp Begins Tomorrow!

Hello everyone, great news! I am officially on break, so you know what that means. Daily blog posts and updates and the start of my Writers Boot Camp!

It is a project I have been looking forward to for months and am excited to test it out with you guys. If you plan to partake, comment or dm me!

Basically, the Boot Camp is an intensive winter break writing course where we will hold to our writing schedules and goals and keep each other accountable.

I have made a schedule and encourage you to do the same. Mine is more intense than it has ever been before, but I want to finish my first draft.

So yeah, once you have a schedule and playlist together. (Consult the Writing and Rhythm blog post if you don't) Let me know so we can get started!

I will link the blog post and post a video tomorrow to introduce you to the boot camp. I hope you can take part so we can complete our first drafts together!

Till the Start of the Writers Boot Camp...

- Matt Gorrell (creator of


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