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How to Make a Compelling and Clever Mystery Series | Part 3

Hello every one, here is the last part of this series. Sorry for the wait but better late than never. Anyway, as a part of a quick announcement, I would like to make. I will from now on have interludes to the series that I create from now on. That way the series does not become too exhaustive. The other benefit to this is you can hear about what I am working on.

Now let’s get into it. Where we left off I started to talk about idea synthesis and how it is different for everyone. Because it is. I will share my process, however, finding your process is key. That being said my process is a combination of several things. Things I will expand on in this post before concluding this series.

The biggest solution to having writer's block in the early stages of writing for me is to simply not write. Now you may be thinking, what is this guy talking about? Trust me when I say, life experience and just going throughout your day can inspire you in ways you could not imagine. Admittedly, I did not start using this process until my latest novel in the process. While even the original short story was based on more negative some even scary memories. Nonetheless, sharing your wounds and being vulnerable can change lives.

The next process requires writing and I have found it to be all the more effective after my first tip. The first step of this tip is to find somewhere that either relaxes or inspires you. Once you find this place think of what form of entertainment immerses you the most. For me, it’s music and movies, for you it could be journaling and reading. Like idea synthesis in general, it varies from person to person.

If none of my tips are working for you, here’s the final solution I present. Step away from it all. Your writing, life experiences, and frankly doing much of anything except thinking. I am not necessarily referring to mediation. What I am referring to is self-reflection as well as thinking of what scenes impacted you, what characters, what plot lines, and what twists? As much as my other tips have helped me, this one has helped me the most.

Expounding upon the idea of self/inspiration recall and evaluation is just that. Recall a memory, scene, or character that impacted you personally. First write what it is about this person, place, or thing that affected you. Was it their relatability to an event you can recall? Are there any other memories you can associate with that specific thing that brought your mind to that question?

These are the kinds of questions you need to ask before you can generate countless ideas based on everything you have experienced. Now don’t be like the kid who borrows homework and only changes it slightly. If your idea is too personal, omit it. If your idea is too much like someone else’s work or idea, omit it.

Now, this may be a painful process if you have similar ideas to a piece of entertainment. But the truth is it’s someone else’s work. Not only that you will find your novel way more satisfying and therapeutic to your reader and yourself if you separate yourself and other work. Now that does not mean entirely. Because plenty of novels have certain aspects that are varied or shared in a different light.

As always, I hope this series has been helpful. Let me know what you want to see next as it pertains to future series. Then I will make it happen. It doesn't even have to be novel or writing-related. It really can be anything. People have said I give good advice and I am proud of that.

Till next time.

- Matt Gorrell

(P.S. - Final tip, look up 8D Soundtracks or Songs on Youtube. Not only is it extremely immersive, but it’s also just fun, haha.)


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