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How to Find a Page Turner that Will Help YOU Turn the Pages of Your Hit Novel!

Hello everyone, as promised, here is your helpful blog post!

Today I will be writing about how you can find a novel that speaks to you and provides the inspiration you need to complete your novel!

I have found many novels of the like and hope I can help you find the same!

The first step I recommend is searching for your preferred novel section and cherry picking your favorite novel covers.

That is why I stress how. important your novel cover can be because people judge novels by their covers.

That being said, consider getting your cover professionally designed unless you have a great idea for it.

Furthermore, pick a novel that grabs you in the first pages. If not, move on to the next. Whether that be in a book store or online through Overdrive.

I recommend Overdrive because I read most of my novels using the application. I also recommend checking out your local library using the same methods.

Once you have found that novel that truly inspires you or at least is entertaining, study it. Do this by taking notes and recognizing what you like about the novel.

After doing so, look at your list and try to implement the same elements without copying the authors style.

Then after some time away from the novel, write your own! This can be extremely beneficial and can help you formulate your style.

Till next time.

- Matt Gorrell


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