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How to Build a Site Like This

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

Hello everyone, today I will divulge away from writing and reading tips to share how you too can build a site like this. With so many website builders available today, many for free, it’s no question so many sites are at people’s disposal today.

With that said, it is key you implement some principles in creating your site if you expect monetary revenue or viral success. Some of these principles I learned in the various University of Colorado Colorado Springs classes, some I just picked up on my own.

As stated previously, I cannot stress enough how imperative it is that your site be visually stimulating. With how visual our modern-day society has become, it is essential one implements a visual design and places as much, if not more, weight on the visuals than text.

That is why my site has everything from extensive photos taken by me to a video promotional filmed by me. If one hopes for active participation in its members, it must also include some level of interactivity. That is why I paid extra for Wix’s “magic buttons” that have direct links.

Finally, implementing SCRAP principles which, if you are not familiar with what this stands for, is-simplicity, c- contrast, r-repetition, a- alignment, and p-proximity. All come together to create a consistent, comprehensive web design.

To start with the s of the SCRAP principles, one must first consider the amount of information and visual weight a site possesses. You must balance this while leaning towards visual elements. Any excess information should be omitted.

Next, with the c of SCRAP, contrast is a key element of a consistent color pallet. In short, darks overlaying lights, and lights overlaying darks. Someone can implicate this into something as simple as text overlaying an image or background.

We will look at the r of SCRAP, which is imperative for a consistent design. We can put this into action by having something as simple as a name or logo appear on every page. Someone can also use matching color palettes throughout.

As for the a of SCRAP, alignment is key for a professional look. One must align text and images to have a consistent flow that aligns with the z-axis or how a reader's eyes flow down a page.

Finally, the p of SCRAP can be applied when grouping or chunking. By splitting text or images into clear consecutive groups or chunks, you can have a consistent design. Not only that, it makes your text legible and universal.

I hope you can apply all these principles to your amazing sites. If you implemented the principles I shared, I learned from my class, comment or email me. I would also like to see a final draft of your site so I can give advice.

Till next time.

- Matt Gorrell


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