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Finally made it to Act 3 and Chapter 100!!!

Hello everyone! I finally did it! I made it to chapter 100! Which is also the second chapter of Act 3!

I am making great progress on my novel and hope you are doing the same! I expect to finish my outline very soon and that's a good thing because I am starting a new job very soon too.

I plan to after starting my new job, write about managing writing and a job. As well as managing that with school added on. So while I test the waters, I can share my advice on the topic.

I plan to write some more tomorrow, as well as get a little work done at my current job.

As for the plot, Diane has found her confidant but has a falling off at the climax of chapter 2. Johnny has been arrested for reasons I will not spoil. Tessa got a new job and is finally able to afford an apartment for Diane. Johnny is reunited with a loved one and Hunter gets into some trouble in prison.

As for act 3, Diane plans to go to college with her confidant she reunites with that summer. Hunter is let out of prison and seeks shelter in the most unlikely of places. Finally, Tessa and Diane are finally living the good life, thanks to her new job.

That is all I will share for now but I hope the story has interested you so far and you consider checking out my novel when it is released!

Till next time.

- Matt Gorrell (creator of


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