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Day 1 of the Writers Boot Camp!

Hello everyone! I am happy to say today was a great first day. Though I did not get much writing done due to Christmas shopping, I still got some done. Like I said earlier any writing is better than no writing.

Tomorrow’s case will be the same as well as Monday, seeing my best friend who is incidentally a member of this site is getting married!

If that was not crazy enough for you our very own Writing Hero Jaidyn Noxiv, is a groomsman, as am I, haha.

I know this Writers Boot Camp has not been going as expected, but the unexpected is to be expected during the holidays so such is life.

Nevertheless, I finished one chapter and was able to make the scene where the cops find Diane and the gang as intense as possible. This is done through limited perspective that changed with the chapter. If you would like me to go into depth on a later post I will.

Listening to my Pet Semetary vinyl as I wrote however was extraordinary. It was unlike any writing soundtrack I have listened to before. I recommend vinyls if you are trying to expand your sonic horizons. However, if you cannot manage, as always, my playlists are free to follow and can be found in the Writing and Rhythm blog post.

I look forward to another great day of writing with you all and hope this camp has done you some good! If so, please let me know by comment or dm.

Till next time.

- Matt Gorrell (creator of


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