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Chapter 92!

Hello everyone! I got some really good writing done today and wrote 3 or 4 long chapters that contribute to the climax.

As for the climax of Act 2. I plan to draw it out, to build suspense. I plan to show the perspective of each character with each chapter and have the suspense build until the peak point of the story.

Act 3 is likely gonna be the longest chapter. However, that is why I plan to do what a loved one suggested during the holidays and make it a three-part series!

I hope your writing endeavors have been going well because I know mine sure have! I may not finish the first draft by the end of the break but I will finish the outline!

Then it is off to the races. Due to my outline being so extensive, drafting the first draft will be a breeze.

On a final note. If you have any suggestions for a helpful blog post as opposed to updates. Let me know!

Till next time.

- Matt Gorrell (creator of


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