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Book Updates

Hello everyone! I am proud to announce that I am on Chapter 74 and 33k words into my novel outline! As stated previously, I am working on extensive outline so I do not have that much work to do when it comes to my first draft.

I recommend this technique if you are struggling to get your novel going. Or, are like me, a combination of a plotter and pantser. Someone who writes by the seat of their pants, or with very little planning.

I am also happy to announce this novel will be released in a three part series! Due to it’s extensive length and me being a first time author. Which is a very good technique if your novel is too long, or you want to keep your readers hooked.

Anyways, look for a post tomorrow and if you have any work you wrote during the Writers Boot Camp, feel free to send it over! I will provide feedback and encourage you to do the same so we can meet our goals together! A wise individual once said you don’t need to be published to be an author. If you write you are an author.

Till Next Time.

- Matt Gorrell


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