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Book Recommendations

Hell everyone, today I would like to do something a little different. Remember how I said you can gain so much writing knowledge and expertise just by reading them? If not, well I am telling you now. I can’t tell you how many novel ideas no matter how small or subliminal I picked up from a book. See the trick is to never copy, but use their writing to inspire and birth your style.

That being said let’s get into it. My first novel recommendation is Night Film, by Marisah Pessl. This novel is a long one but I could not recommend it enough. It had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. Not only that you fell in love and sympathized with the characters.

My next and most recent novel recommendation, Deliver Us from Evil, is as creepy as it is inspiring. Now, I know what you’re thinking. Isn’t that a horror movie about the cop and the possession? Because the novel shares the same title and inspired the film, it is so much more than that…

It is helping me now to see the brighter side of things. To recognize I had dark forces acting on my heart. That I needed to confront my old self and let him go as I did her. Because I do see the brighter side and this novel with its heavy religious themes show me how God was a part of that. Finally, it is terrifying and will keep you up at night. Unless you’re like me and listen to it as an audiobook as you work at night 10/10 would recommend it.

Dark Places is a dark thriller (obviously) based around the character Libby Day. A strong female protagonist who inspired our own Diane Walker. I just picked up a hard copy so I can reduce screen time for my sleep protocol. See, I am at least trying to fight insomnia. 😂 But anyways, if you are looking for a strong coming-of-age thriller with dark themes and scenes, boy have I got a novel for you.

The Outsider, this you can compare to the HBO Original Series, because not only is it loyal for the most part. It is a great visual representation of the characters and themes. Anyways, this might be the only Stephan King novel that does not drag. Instead, I am so immersed I cannot stop listening. Yes, it is that good.

Galveston is another novel that caught my eye due to the fact it was written by the teleplay for one of my favorite shows, True Detective. The novel is an adrenaline rush like no other. I won’t say it but you feel you are in the fight during gunfights. Or you can even see parallels between the show and the novel. For example, Rust made a cross out of a beer can in front of the interviewing detectives. Or the detective in Galveston doing practically the same thing.

So those are my novel recommendations for now. Trust me, I have many more but I don’t want to overwhelm you. I also want to give you time to read or listen to the novels I listed if you so choose to do so. These novels have been the most impactful on my writing and that is why I share this. So hopefully they can have the same effect on your writing.

Till next time writers…

- Matt Gorrell - (creator of


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