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Being your Novel’s “Location Scout”

Hello everyone, yes I am using film terminology to describe what I will be presenting in this blog post. That is establishing locations, setting, and period of your novel. This is essential, especially if you are the type of person who likes to see the humanity in everything and believe locations can have personality. Because they can and setting your story in Downtown Detroit vs Downtown Denver can mean two entirely different stories. (pun intended) But let’s get into it, how to “location scout“ your novel.

First it comes down to genre. Are you writing a thriller? Something Urban or Southern. Are you writing a fantasy? Some distant land with castles. Or are you writing a horror novel? Creepy old house that is haunted for one reason or another, haha.

Now the possibilities are endless but I don’t recommend setting your novel in Disney land. Give this some thought. Think about where you have been. Where you have always wanted to go. Finally, what fictional world would you live in if you were able to?

Questions like these reveal things about yourself you want to put into your character. Because ultimately you want for character to be in part reveal a part about yourself so you can better understand tricky situations like me. It can also help you move on if you were struggling with this as well. The last thing I will say about the benifits of writing is this, you can tell your story, your way.

This one is a little shorter but it covers the basics so you can get on the ground running on your writing. Meanwhile I can do the same. Currently in the process of organizing my brainstorm mess of an ending and then creating a timeline. See, I practice what I preach. Speaking of, I printed my floor plan today and it looks awesome. I will show that once I complete the timeline hopefully tomorrow or the next day.

Till next time.

- Matt Gorrell (creator of


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