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Adobe Illustrator

Hello everyobe, today I will be discussing the power of Adobe Illustrator. While I am not sponsored by them I highly recommend their free trial

You can use the application in just about every facet of your life. Whether it be to design a concept for your novel or design it’s cover. AI is a powerful designer for all.

I am currently making use of it for my patent within my Buissness Law class but it's powers do not end there.

It is a powerful too I used in my innovation class. (see image below) As well as for the shield in the Brothers and Sisters of the fraternal omen cover.

For me, the software was very easy to learn. If this is not the case for you fear not. I will continue sharing lessons and tips and may even make a tutorial video.

If that is something you would like to see let me know.

Till next time.

-Matt Gorrell


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