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"It was hauntingly beautiful." - Alyssa's review of, "Blood Lake"

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"You gave it a great thriller edge." - Jaidynn Noxiv's review of, "When the Dust Settled..."


New Release

Wounds for the Innocent 

Drama, Thriller, Horror, Coming of Age

The tale of Dianne Walker, a girl living on the streets upon the premature death of her mother.

Since then, she struggles to find herself. As well as a confidant in which she can bestow her greatest secrets and fears. 

Fears she has to face head-on. As she gets revenge and faces trauma, no girl of her age should have to. 

She finds friends that would give their life for her, and a confidant she falls in love with.


She soon after reaches her author dreams. However, the truth comes back to haunt her, as she masks herself in her secrets, and others.  


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"It felt as if I was there..." - Alyssa's review of, "Blood Lake"

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Welcome to the writing community you have been searching for. I plan to not only have my own posts, but my writer and reader circle where we will share our secrets of the trade. 

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About Matthew Gorrell

Hello everyone, my name is Matthew Gorrell and I am a student at UCCS and aspiring author. 


I have worked on many short stories and screenplays prior to my debut novel.


In the past, I have since tried to complete a novel, but never got around to finishing it because it trapped me in a prison of perfectionism.


However, I hope I can help all of you to complete your first novel. We all have our wounds and I feel writing, at least for me, is a therapeutic process that can benefit everyone.


So I hope in sharing my wounds, you will not only accept them, but relate to them and become immersed in my gripping, visual tales. 


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blood lake.jpeg

It was hauntingly beautiful - Alyssa's review of, "Blood Lake