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Matt Gorrell  creator of mattgorrell2.0 

"Mattgorrell2.0 is your home if you are an aspiring writer or reader. Look to my writing community if either of the above describes you. Here you can also find info and updates on my debut novel, Wounds for the Innocent here. (Premise and cover below"

Wounds for the Innocent Premise

 Thriller | Drama | Coming of Age | Horror 

Wounds for the Innocent is set in the 1980s at the peak of the satanic panic. It is the tale of Diane Doyle, daughter of Hunter Doyle and Rebecca Doyle. Her life is thrown out of proportion when her mother falls victim to the Devil's lies and takes her own life due to her mental illness and trauma. Rebecca's pain deeply affects Diane because Rebecca was her lighthouse in the dark for her. Now she is forced to find her way in the world's deep, dark ocean. 

So Diane sets out on a mission to find herself. In finding herself, she must conquer the demons of her past and present with the help of Tessa and Johnny. High school sweetheart runaways who always wanted a daughter of their own but could not convince one. She finds love, but evil prevails and tears apart their match in heaven. 

Meanwhile, darkness lurks in the distance and takes hold of Travis Ravenswood, cult leader, and principal antagonist. He is the antithesis of all Diane stands for and tries to bring her down with him. But Diane can fight the darkness with her new family, and change happens in Diane's life she could have never expected... 

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"It was hauntingly beautiful." - Alyssa's review of "Blood Lake" (Short Story on my Blog)
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Video Promotion for Wounds for the Innocent 

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About Matthew Gorrell

Hello everyone, my name is Matthew Gorrell and I am a student at UCCS and an aspiring author. 
I have worked on many short stories and screenplays prior to my debut novel.
In the past, I have since tried to complete a novel, but never got around to finishing it because it trapped me in a prison of perfectionism.
However, I hope I can help all of you to complete your first novel. We all have our wounds and I feel writing is a therapeutic process that can benefit everyone.
So I hope in sharing my wounds, you will not only accept them, but relate to them and become immersed in my gripping, visual tales. 

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"You gave it a thriller edge."  - Jaidyn Noxiv (Short Story on my Blog)

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3 Reasons You Will Want to Join My Writing Community
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Get Feedback and Insights from a community of like-minded individuals.

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Have an opportunity to share your short stories or own writing advice.

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Learn from my writing portfolio and lessons I learned in writing.

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